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There is no point in negotiating my price, as I probably will not be making time for your booking; I considered that to be a disrespectful act. I hope you did not find this blog post from my text response because that would mean you are not on my good first impression list.

Please do yourself a favour, save us the time and the mental stress by enquiring about your bookings with the girls who are comfortable with the level of your payments. There are various price ranges available, and some are more or less than others; we girls set our price quote for a good reason.

Invest in yourself. It pays the best interest.

My price is based on the comfortability of my service. Finding a nice, discreet, private accommodation is not cheap, and I am incredibly fussing about the hygiene level, which is also expensive to maintain. Aside from those, I have limited spots per day as I have a hectic life schedule.

In my opinion, the price I set this is just in the sweetest spot for my regular lovers to see me consistently without suffering. It isn't too low to cut myself short either; therefore, I am happy. Most I could do for discount askers is the cold silence, period.

I'm not eager to waste my precious time or deal with the negativity, and that's a conclusion.

Best regards,



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